Event Planning

First Glass is best equipped to service your forthcoming function. Each year we advise, recommend and supply wine, beer, water, juices, etc, for hundreds of functions such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals and corporate events.

Pre Function Planning

Here are some helpful tips and points to consider when you are planning your function.


Hired venue or private residence

Time and format:

Start and finish time
Stand up function or seated
Drinks on arrival -  one wine option, eg Champagne, or a choice

Total numbers attending:

How many will be drivers?
How many will be non-drivers?
How many dedicated beer drinkers?
What is the age group?

Choice of Product:

Younger groups may prefer Sauvignon Blanc
More red wine will be used during winter months, etc.

We can help with your choice of products and recommend quality wines to meet your budget.

We can also assist with glass hire supplied free with total wine purchase. These include Champagne flutes, wine glasses, tumblers and also ice bins.

Call us on (09) 486 6415 and we can set up a time to discuss specific requirements for your function.