Twelfth Hour Dry Gin 700ml

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Gold Medal
After 22 iterations uniting global botanicals with the powerful makrut (kaffir lime) Twelfth Hour Dry Gin has a clean, crisp aroma on the nose. An initial hit of makrut on the tongue leads way to a long dry finish that sees the revitalising taste linger on the palette. Our homegrown makrut (nurtured and grown by our Master Distiller’s mother in her own garden) is complimented by a bouquet of other botanical oils including juniper, coriander seeds, lemon and orange. Combined they create a punchy gin perfect for summer but made to enjoy all year round. The botanical oils we use are nature's flavour bombs. Alcohol is a strong solvent which, when undiluted, can dissolve these oils for a crystal clear liquid. When water is added (such as ice, tonic, or other non-alcoholic liquid) the dissolvability of the oils decreases. This causes the oil to surface causing cloudiness in the drink, but it also releases a further explosion of flavour and aroma. 43%ABV
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Region N/A
Country New Zealand